Friday, 30 November 2012

Make Up Artistry Course Part 3

This second week of the course was the advanced week. We had a lot more to cover and less time to practice as we were getting closer and closer to the shoot day where we had 45 minutes on each model to create a fashion look and a beauty look. So this week every minute was valuable. 

Day 7:

It was about photography lighting, natural make up for beauty editorials and lips again. It was also about glowing skin, so Nicci also created two very different looks and applications to show us how to create a glowing skin.

Hannah with the "J-Lo glow"
Me with the an editorial look

My take on the 'glowing skin' make up

Day 8: 

TV and film make up, HD products. Nicci basically explained the difference between the products and how they would affect the finish on the skin. Also we had a super fun demo showing us how to deteriorate the the facial features. Nicci made it look easy, transforming a 19 year old to this:

When it came to doing it it felt like I had completely forgotten how to do everything she just thought me one hour before. It was almost like my subconscious was fighting me and telling me: "this is make up, why are you trying to make someone look old and grey? Make them look pretty". This is the effect make up has on me and since I started using i always tried to enhance features, not deteriorate it. So I panicked and became so critical that I almost didn't want to finish it. But with Nicci's help I managed to do it and also won a little prize for most realistic effect. Honestly, I was surprised because I was so focused on how bad I did it, I didn't think to step back and analise my work properly. Looking back at the pictures, its not bad at all. Your mind can play with you sometimes.

Maria before make up
Maria after make up 

All of us shot, please note Hannah's face on the back right corner

Day 9:

 Day 9 was glamour makeup. I never thought of it being 'TOWIE' style makeup. It's not my style but Nicci did it so effortlessly that everything came together so nicely it would have looked weird not to have everything there. She warmed Diana's completion quite a bit, added a lot of bronzer and a lot of eye make up. And of course, eyebrows. She used gel eyeliner for the brows and it really pulled the look together, it would have looked as nice if the brows were not as strong. This look was about more is more. She also gave us a quick demo on how she would use Airbrush make up to achieve a flawless finish on the skin, and although it was much darker than her natural skin tone, the finish was actually quite amazing. Can't wait to learn how to use Airbrush make up.

Eye application with tape to create a sharp edge

Here is my take on the Glamour make up on Festina. I love how the colour contrast and the strong lips. It is quite a full on look, but I think is much more wearable, specially for a night out. 

Day 10 

We had awesome make up Artist Francesco teaching us about catwalk makeup. It was such a chilled out day and it was really nice to see a working artist showing us different techniques and the way they apply the products. The afternoon practice we used a lot of pigments and also tried to create a catwalk look. I worked on Festina and I was SO happy with the outcome. 

Very natural look with a winged eyeliner. Love it! 

I used Mac Studio Tech on her skin, it's such a beautiful finish! 

Day 11

was SHOPPING DAY! Yay! It was such a fun day. We started our day at the Mac Pro Store in Soho, the we went to Illamasqua, Muji and then Charles Fox. I bought so much stuff and spent way more than I should have, but they were so generous with the discounts that it was rude not to! haha

We finished our day with lunch at a noodle restaurant and it was so yummy. It was make up heaven. If I had the chance I would do it all over again. 

Day 12 

was a practical day. On past courses I think people get more creative and do whatever make up they want to. But as things went on we all sort of decided to recreate the looks for our shoot day. As it was only a couple of days away and we needed to make sure we did everything on time we all practiced our looks using all the techniques we learned through the course. Honestly, everything I have learned in the course was invaluable and I would definitely recommend doing a course like this if you want to go professional. I thought I knew everything from all the videos I have watched, but practice is what will give you the experience. I met some amazing people and that will stay with me forever. I loved every minute of it and I can honestly say I am very passionate about my new career. I just need to find a job now. haha :)

Natural make up for the beauty photoshoot

Soft colours, natural lips and healthy looking skin
Mac Satin Taupe all over the lid with Embark just to define the socket

Soft autumnal colours on the eye with a black  khol liner smuged on top and bottom lashes for a moire defined eye

As it was our last day, we all received  feedback from Nicci and received our Certificates. I can now proudly say I am a make up artist and I am passionate about my new career. :) 


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